MUST, ECU Explore Areas of Common Interest

MUST, ECU Explore Areas of Common Interest

March 24, 2018    Our Reporter

The Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Australia based Edith Cowan University ECU) are exploring areas of common interest with the aim of establishing a partnership.

Initially, the two universities wanted to have a memorandum of understanding in health related areas but now wants to expand the realm of cooperation by looking at all areas of common interest.

During a meeting on February 19, 2018, ECU’s International Account Coordinator Khumbo Mpikamezo had with MUST’s University Registrar Dr Tarsizius Nampota, Executive Dean for Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) Professor Wilson Mandala, and Executive Dean of Ndata School of Climate and Earth Sciences (NSCES) Dr Leonard Kalindekafe, they agreed to draft a generic MoU which can further be reviewed by officials from the two institutions before signing.

Among others, the partnership is focusing on areas of research and curriculum development, student and faculty exchange.

“As a new university, we have challenges in capacity among our faculty as such we would want to have professors from Edith Cowan University coming to lecture at MUST. These could be retired or those on sabbatical. We would also appreciate to have postdoctoral students as well. The aim is to have them share their experience with our young faculty or fill in gaps left by MUST faculty that has gone for further studies abroad,” said Dr Nampota.

“As a university that wants to conduct our business differently, we would also want our students to have a different perspective of student behaviour by going on exchange visits and learn new exemplary behaviours. Academically, this will also give them a global perspective to their studies.”

On her part, Mpikamezo said her university is interested to work with higher education institutions outside Australia in areas that benefit both parties.

So far, the two parties have identified nursing, engineering, arts, sciences and geology as possible areas of collaboration.

Currently, ECU has over 200 Malawian students at all levels.