New students urged to work hard, be focused

New students urged to work hard, be focused

By James Mphande

Newly selected student to the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) have been  urged to work hard and be focused in line with the university’s core values of commitment, professionalism, integrity, competitiveness, openness to diversity, entrepreneurship and innovativeness.

The call was made by MUST Vice Chancellor, Professor Address Malata on September 30, 2019 when she addressed the first year students who have started their week of orientation today.

Professor Malata welcomed the students to MUST and congratulated them for making it to a public university, especially MUST.

“There were around 24,000 eligible students that applied for selection into public universities and the four public universities only selected around 5,000 and for you to be among them is not a mean achievement. And the fact that you came to MUST even more cause for celebration because many wanted to come here but did not make it,” she said.

She added that now that they are here, they need to work harder as their parents and guardians expect them to be at the university until they graduate.

“If you lose focus and start doing things that are in conflict with your studies, you may not be here until your graduation day. Every year I am saddened to see students being withdrawn due to poor performance. You need to be competitive and that should start today,” she advised.

Professor Malata, who prides calling herself a mother to both students and staff, advised female students, who are fewer than their male counterparts, not to allow to be abused by male students.

“You are already few and no male student should come and cheat you that they will marry you. It is too early. This is time for you to concentrate on your studies and after your graduation, there will be many men that would want to marry you. Do not also allow fellow students to tell you what to do because you have come alone and alone you shall go back home,” she said.

The orientation will go on until Friday when staff and community stakeholders will address the students on various issues that are critical to their survival on campus.

MUST has this year selected over 600 students into its 20 undergraduate programmes.