CIIR hosts first interns

CIIR hosts first interns

Omega Mitinda

The Centre for Innovation and Industrial Research (CIIR) has introduced an internship programme for graduate students aimed at building the capacity of upcoming researchers and graduate students in various areas.

CIIR head, Dr David Mkwambisi said in an interview that the programme has also been designed to assist graduates to develop employer valued skills and prepare them in other areas, especially advancing science, technology and innovation to address community needs.

The first intern is Omega Mitinda, who recently graduated from MUST with an honours degree in Biomedical Engineering. “She is currently setting up the MUST Idea Bank and also trying to link secondary school innovators to the MUST Technology and Innovation Garage. Omega is also participating in research on water light technology aimed at adopting and localising a water light technology device for improved quality of life and access to affordable clean energy for Malawians,” said Dr Mkwambisi.

CIIR is also hosting an intern from Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Ms Tawina Chimphango. Tawina is studying towards a Bsc in Food Science and is going into her third year.



Ms Tawina Chimphango

During her internship period, Tawina has developed a technical note that has identified the the gaps in the Malawian food science and technology industry, which can be filled by MUST Food Science and Technology lab.

She will also visit the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, The Polytechnic and Chancellor College of the University of Malawi to enquire more about the existing Food Science and Technology labs and then conceptualize a suitable lab for MUST.

“My greatest goal in life is always to make a difference everywhere I go by investing my time in innovation, especially in the Food Science and Technology field. The task that I have been given is to conceptualise a Food Science and Technology lab which will help meet the needs of the food science and technology industry in Malawi. Being an intern at CIIR is helping me achieve my life time goal,” said Tawina in a separate interview. 

The internship programme at CIIR is open to all graduates and prospective interns can apply by indicating their area of interest and when they are expected to join the Innovation team.