MUST plants 2,500 trees

MUST plants 2,500 trees

By James Mphande

Staff and students of the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) on January 30, 2020 planted 2,500 tree seedlings in the university’s annual drive to re-afforest all bare grounds in and around the campus.

It is six years now since MUST embarked on the tree planting exercise which has seen it collaborating with neighbouring Mmina village community members, Chimpaya and Chimvu primary schools.

This year, the university teamed up with one of its own, the MUST Society for Sustainable Ecosystem (MUSTSSEC) and different hybrid and indigenous varieties of trees around the stadium and around the dam, across the rail line.

Speaking on behalf of Vice Chancellor Professor Address Malata, Executive Dean of Malawi Institute of Technology (MIT) Dr Davies Mweta, said with climate change issues, the university need to be seen to take a leading role in addressing some of the nation’s challenges.

“By planting the trees, we are making our contribution towards addressing effects of climate change. This is just one area, but we are also making contributions in many issues that are affecting Malawi,” he said.

Dr Mweta also thanked Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) for donating over 200 Mulanje Cedar seedlings to MUST for the exercise. He said such partnerships are critical in modern day life.

Priya Samson, a lecturer in Biology and member of MUSTSSEC said as a grouping that comprises both staff and students, they consider tree planting as an important undertaking.

“With most of the land bare, we have many challenges which can be addressed by planting of trees. Again, in Biology we have many topics that promote coexistence between man and nature and we believe that we need to ensure that our ecosystem remains sustainable,” she said.

Over 400 staff and students braved the rains to participate in the exercise.