The university has openings for various academic positions as per the attached advert: Advert-for-Academic-Positions-23Download

26 Jan , 2023

Cholera prevention measures

Cholera prevention measures We are all aware of the Cholera situation in Malawi that has left hundreds dead with thousands affected. The outbreak continues to wreak havoc in our midst.…

23 Jan , 2023

Further Information on Opening Dates

All MUST students in various categories, in all years of study and at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are being advised to take note of the following further information regarding…

04 Jan , 2023

Opening Dates Announcement

The University has released dates for opening of the first semester for 2022/23 and second semester for 2021/22 academic years as per the attached press release: Opening-Press-Release-291222Download

29 Dec , 2022

Tracer Study

MUST, under the SAVE Project, is carrying its first ever tracer study targeting various stakeholders, mainly alumni and industry players (employers). For our graduates, they are encouraged to participate, among…

09 Dec , 2022

2022 Full Economic Fee Paying, Mature Entry and ODeL Selection List

MUST is pleased to announce the selection of students into its various undergraduate programs under full economic fee paying, mature entry and ODeL categories. The full list is attached: 2022-ECON-MATURE-ODL-SELECTEDDownload

01 Dec , 2022

Call for Applications: Rescheduled Girls Science Camp

The flagship Girls Science Camp, which was postponed in September due to fuel shortages that faced Malawi, is now back with a bang. The 2022 Girls Science Camp will now…

28 Nov , 2022

Call for Applications: AMS PG programs

The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) is calling for applications for its three postgraduate programs as per the attached advert: AMS-PG-PROGRAMS-CALL-FOR-APPLICATIONS251122Download

25 Nov , 2022

Statement on opening for first year students selected early this year

There are a lot of falsehoods on the opening dates for first year students selected early this year. Attached is the official position of the Malawi University of Science and…

24 Oct , 2022

Call for Applications: 2022 Postgraduate Programmes

MUST is inviting applications from eligible students to enrol in its postgraduate programmes for the year 2022. Attached are the full call for applications and an application form. Take note…

18 Oct , 2022