The Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) is part of a consortium with Land O’Lakes Venture37 (formerly Land O’Lakes International Development), the University of Minnesota and Stellenbosch University, to establish the Centre for Agricultural Transformation (the CAT) which aims to help small scale farmers diversify their livelihoods. Funding for the CAT is from the non-profit, Foundation for a Smoke Free World. Under the programme, MUST staff will also be supported to further their studies (MSc and PhD). Currently, 10 members of staff from MUST are attending a two-week Summer Doctoral Programme at Stellenbosch University.

The project will also support the establishment of a Food Science and Technology, and Renewable Energy Launch Labs. To drive its strategic pillars, the programme will also support the interventions in the Innovation Garage to advance science, technology and innovation through quality research, capacity development, application and commercialisation of outputs, especially in the agriculture sector.

A modern and dynamic academy of excellence recognised for championing Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) and Entrepreneurship for transformative industrialisation in Malawi.

To accelerate transformative industrialisation in Malawi through human-centred and demand-driven industrial research, innovation, technology development and commercialisation.





Critical Thinking and Creativeness

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Back-Front-Back Menrship

To advance STI through quality research, capacity development, application and commercialisation of outputs

SO-1: To build the capacity of Malawians to create, apply and scale innovations that use STI to promote socio-economic development.

SO-2: To champion transformative agro-industrial research, business and skills development in food and nutrition engineering.

SO-3: To accelerate translation of scientific and innovative ideas into new products, and services in areas of focus

SO-4: To drive and support commercialisation of technologies and services for transformative industrialisation.