Climate Sciences

About The Departments

The Department of Climate Sciences is one of the four departments under Ndata School of Climate and Earth Sciences.


To provide training to both undergraduates and postgraduates; conduct research and consultancy services in Climate Sciences for Socio-Economic growth and Sustainable Development of the country.


A future where society can make informed decisions about sustainable development through promoting training, research and consultancy in Climate Sciences and Disaster Risk Management.


To develop the foundational knowledge and capabilities needed to understand and predict climatic and geological phenomenon through participation of all stakeholders in training and research in Climate Sciences.

Strategic outcomes

The overall strategic outcome of the School is to ensure that there is an Increased Number of Experts in Climate Sciences in the country. Specifically this implies:

  • Increased number of experts in Hazards and Disaster Risk Management including identification, mitigation and monitoring specifically in flooding, droughts, hailstorms, lightning, strong winds, landslides and earthquakes.
  • Increased research in Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Increased number of Climatologists Meteorologists, Weather experts, and Climate Change Adaptation experts.
  • Increased Consultancy and Entrepreneurship in Climate Sciences.
  • Increased research in Meteorology and Climatology.
  • Improved accuracy in weather predictions.
  • Enhanced research in Climate Change Mitigation.
  • Increased Research and capability in Early Warning Systems
  • Enhanced Resilience to Climate Change effects.

Increased women and youth participation in climate change research, resilience, mitigation, early warning and adaptation.