Earth Sciences

About The Departments

The Department of Earth Sciences is one of the departments in the Ndata School of Climate and Earth Sciences and is responsible for offering the Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and the Bachelor of Science degree in Geo-information and Earth Observation.

Our vision in the Earth Sciences Department is to become a vibrant department that promotes training, research and consultancy in Earth Sciences and our mission statement is to coordinate, facilitate and promote the participation of all stakeholders in training and research in Earth Sciences.

The overall strategic outcome of the Department of Earth Science is to ensure that there is an increased number of experts in Earth Sciences in the country. Specifically, this implies:

  • Increased number of geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, mineral economists, seismologists and GIS and Remote Sensing experts in mineral exploration.
  • Increased mining governance experts including experts in mining policy, mining law, mining contract formulation, mining/agreement negotiation, mining and environment and mining taxation and revenue.
  • Increased transparency and accountability in the mineral extractive industry of Malawi.
  • Increased number of trained artisanal and small scale miners.
  • Increased value-addition in the country’s mineral resources.
  • Increased number of experts in natural hazards management including identification, mitigation and monitoring, specifically in landslides and earthquakes.
  •  Increased research in natural hazards.
  • Increased female experts in Earth Sciences.

Areas of Focus

In the Department of Earth Sciences, we have four research themes, namely:

  • Geodynamics and tectonics
  • Earth resources exploration

Remote sensing and GIS