Energy Resources Management

About The Departments

The Department of Energy Resources is one of the four departments at Ndata School of Climate and Earth Sciences.


To provide training to both undergraduates and post graduates, conduct research and consultancy services in energy resources for sustainable development of the country.


To become a vibrant and recognized department in energy engineering, innovation, Research and Development (R&D), entrepreneurship, and outreach programs.


To coordinate, facilitate and promote the participation of all stakeholders in training and research in energy resources.

Specific objectives

  • To equip students with the technical knowledge necessary to work effectively as energy engineers in an applied environment.
  • To provide students with adequate experience to design systems as individuals and within teams.
  • To qualify engineers who respect the ethics of their profession.
  • To equip students with good communication skills.
  • To prepare students for life-long learning and continuing education.
  • To equip students with skills in entrepreneurship
  • To achieve international reputation in distinct research areas of sustainable energy systems and geo-energy resources


Strategic outcomes

The overall strategic outcome of the School is to ensure that there is an Increased Number of Experts in Climate and Earth Sciences in the country. Specifically this implies:

  • Increased number of energy experts with capability to work efficiently in an applied environment
  • Increased research in sustainable energy systems and geo-energy resources
  • Increased number of people trained in energy governance
  • Increased research in energy governance
  • Increased number of women trained in energy resources who will take an active role in decision making on issues concerning energy
  • Increased collaborations with local and international institutions in Research and Development
  • Increased number of female experts in energy sustainable energy systems and geo-energy resources

Increased number of graduates in entrepreneurship in sustainable energy systems and geo-energy resources