About The Departments

About Us

The Department of Engineering is one of the departments in the Malawi Institute of Technology. Our vision is to be a globally recognised engineering department with top 5 world ranking in the world and No. 1 ranking in Malawi and a centre of innovative designing and manufacturing.

In the Department of Engineering, we have a mission to:

  • Teach advanced theoretical and practical engineering knowledge and skills useful for the local and international industry.
  • Source funds for the university through short courses and other commercial activities such as design and manufacturing of developed products.
  • Promote research and innovation among staff and students.
  • Collaborate with local and international institutions in order to carry out advanced research, internship and dissemination programmes.

Areas of Focus

Our general areas of focus include the following:

  • General engineering (mechanical, agricultural, electrical)
  • Specialized engineering (biomedical, mineral processing, food processing, material engineering, etc.).