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EduDonor Index 

(Worldwide Directory of Grants for Educational Institutions)

EduDonor Index covers the information on more than 600 000 grants available for the educational institutions/organizations in any country in the world. 

The educational institutions including; kindergartens/ primary schools/ secondary schools/ high schools/ colleges/ institutes/ universities/ private educational institutions/ ministries/ faculties, departments, centers in the universities and any other kinds of educational institutions can benefit these grants for their educational activities

EduScholarships Index

(Worldwide Directory of Scholarships for Students )

EduScholarships Index covers the information on more than 2 million global and local scholarships available for the university students (bachelors, masters, doctorates/PhDs) and for the students of kindergartens, primary schools (grades 1-4), secondary schools (grades 5-8) and high schools (grades 9-12) in any country in the world.

HEPSEU Database

 ( Higher Education Programmes & Scholarships in European Countries )

HEPSEU Database covers the information on more than 100 000 Higher Education Programmes (Bachelors,Masters,Doctorates) in European Countries and more than 1.5 million global scholarships and grants available for the participants of these programmes

ORP Index

( Directory of Ongoing Research Projects in European Countries ) 

ORP covers the information on more than 180 000 ongoing research projects available in European Countries and on more than 400 000 organizations/contact details related to these projects in European Countries taking part in such research activities with a yearly research budget of more than 200 Billion US Dollars.



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