MUST to engage media on innovations

MUST to engage media on innovations

The Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) wants to work with the media in Malawi to create a platform that will promote and expose innovations and technologies by faculty, students, industry and communities.

Dr David Mkwambisi, Head of the MUST Institute of Industrial Research and Innovation (MIIRI) said this on September 16, 2020 when a team from the university held discussions with some members from Times Media Group.

“We realise that Times Media Group runs a programme on both TV and radio that showcases various innovations and technologies and we would like to ride on this and similar platforms from other media houses to promote innovation and technologies by featuring innovators,” he said.

Rebecca Chimjeka, who produces the program at Times media, said all along they have just been featuring those they come across without proper focus on sectors.

“Mostly we hear about individuals that have come up with innovations and follow up with them. It is difficult to work with organisations because the process is strenuous. We have also limited ourselves to innovators that are close to us as the program is not funded so resources are limited,” said Chimjeka.

Among others, the teams have formed a taskforce to come up with a concept paper on how the existing programme can be utilized and fine-tuned to benefit innovators more.

After the concept, the two will work on a memorandum of understanding that will spell out the roles and responsibility of each partner.

Through MIIRI, MUST has an innovation garage where innovators’ ideas are polished in readiness for commercialization; an idea bank where those with ideas submit their ideas for safe keeping in readiness for other processes, community and industry innovation partnership where the university works in collaboration with communities and industries to promote and support innovations.

According to Mkwambisi, the university will seek to work with more media houses as its realizes their critical role in innovation promotion and support.