Second Semester Opening

Second Semester Opening

Malawi University of Science and Technology



The MalawiUniversity of Science and Technology (MUST) is pleased to inform all its continuing students that the University is now ready to open for its 2019/20 Second Semester through on-line platform. The University has developed an online teaching and learning platform to ensure that students return to class but in a manner that observes all Covid1-19 safety guidelines as laid down by the Malawi Government and World Health Organization.  This University has also trained both faculty and students on the online teaching and learning platform and all indications are that the platform is ready for usage.

  1.  Opening Dates

The 2019/20 second semester opening is strictly for on-line classes and it will be in phases as follows:.

The first phase of students under the following programmes will open on Monday,           27th July, 2020:

  • BME 4-5, CHE 4-5, MME 4-5, CSS 3-4, BIT 3-4
  • GIS 3-4, DRM 3-4, ESC 3-4, MEC 3-4, WQM 3, SES 3
  • MMB 3-4, BSS 3
  • BIK 3

The second phase of students under the following programmes will open on Monday,   17th August, 2020:

  • BME 1-3, CHE 1-3, MME 1-3, TXE 1-2, MNE 1-2, CSS 1-2, BIT 1-2
  • GIS 1-2, DRM 1-2, ESC 1-2, MEC 1-2, WQM 1-2, PRE 1-2, SES 1-2
  • MMB 1-3, BSS 1-3, IMV 1-2, DGI 1-2
  • BIK 1-2, and BAM 1-2
  1. Registration for the 2019/20 Second Semester

Students are encouraged to register for the second semester and, as usual, the policy of “no fees, no registration”, will apply. Online registration is already open. Students tuition fees should only be paid through bank deposits.  All deposit slips should be sent to the  Accounts office for reconciliation purposes.

The bank account numbers are as follows:

(ii)      MUST Collections Account

Current Account Number 9100001063429

Standard Bank

Limbe Branch 


Bank Code 1004


(ii)    MUST Collections Account

Current Account Number 1070000218137

FDH Bank

Limbe Branch

  1. Second Semester Calendar

Students are encouraged to take note of the important dates highlighted on the second semester as follows:

  • Group One important Dates
  • Opening of second semester                       27th July, 2020
  • Mid semester examinations                        21st to 25th Sept, 2020
  • Practicals/Presentations                              19th Oct to 6th Nov, 2020
  • Study week                                              9th to 13th Nov, 2020
  • End of Semester Examinations                     16th to 27th Nov, 2020
  • End of Semester                                        27th Nov, 2020
  • Group Two important Dates
  • Opening of second semester                       17th Aug, 2020
  • Mid semester examinations                        5th to 9th Oct, 2020
  • Practicals/Presentations                              9th to 27th Nov, 2020
  • Study week                                              30th  Nov, to 4th Dec, 2020
  • End of Semester Examinations                     7th to 18th Dec, 2020 and 11th to

15th January for *ESC 3-4, GIS-4, MEC 4; BIT 4 & CSS 4

  • End of Semester                                        18th Dec, 2020
  1. Handling of Practical components and Project Presentations

Modules with practical components and Project presentations would be handled by inviting students in small cohorts to campus to do the practical component or presentations. The University will in this respect, endeavour to follow all Government and WHO protocols.

  • 2019/20 End of Semester One and Semester Two Supplementary Examinations

All students are being advised that the 2019/20 end of Semester one and End of Semester Two supplementary examinations will be administered from 8th to 12th February, 2021.  The University shall communicate the logistics for the supplementary examinations to all concerned students.

  • Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

The University Management agreed to pend WIL for now since most companies and organisations are not fully operational and not willing to take additional staff due to the state of national disaster that is still in force in the country.  Students that were scheduled to proceed on WIL will continue with teaching and learning during the second semester.  New dates for WIL will be communicated once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

  • Internet Facilities

The University, however, notes that some students have challenges in accessing internet connectivity enabling gadgets and all efforts are being taken to support such students.

For more information or inquiries, please contact the following:

Deputy University Registrar: 0999875665 or

Dean of Students Affairs:  0884932785 or

e-learning Desk Officers:    Mr Thoko Mayani:  0998123196 or                                           Mr Charles Kotokwa:  088747152 or