Dr Ignasio Malizani Jimu

Name : Dr Ignasio Malizani Jimu

Email : Mail@must.acc

Position : Head, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practice

Dr Ignasio Malizani Jimu graduated from University of Basel, Switzerland in 2011 with a PhD in Social Anthropology (magna cum laude). Earlier, he earned an MA in Development Studies from University of Botswana (2003) and BEd (with distinction) from University of Malawi (1998). He is the current head of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practice Department under the Bingu School of Culture and Heritage at MUST.

He has previously served as Dean of Faculty and Head of Department at Mzuzu University; Researcher at the International Centre for Asset Recovery of the Basel Institute on Governance (BIG) in Switzerland) (2008-9); Quality Assurance Manager (Academic) (2014-2017), Caretaker Deputy Chief Executive Officer (October 2016- September 2017) and Chief Executive Officer (October 2017 to January 2021) at the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

Dr Jimu has published articles in peer reviewed journals, peer reviewed book chapters and book reviews, research reports and authored books in his areas of specialisation. He was Associate Professor of Geography at Mzuzu University from December 2009 to August 2014. He joined MUST on 1st February 2021.