Dr Richard Nkhoma

Name : Dr Richard Nkhoma

Email : Mail@must.acc

Position : Head, Engineering

Dr Richard Nkhoma is the current Head of Enginnering Department. He is a dynamic and highly driven Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineer with over 20 years of experience. He has a PhD in Metallurgy, Master’s and Honours degrees from University of Pretoria and a Bachelor degree from University of Malawi; all these in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

He has excellent operations management, lean manufacturing management, process engineering, mechanical and metallurgical engineering skills in the areas of problem identification and solution generation, critical thinking and analysis, design and implementation, machine installation and commissioning and maintenance.

Prior to joining MUST, Dr Nkhoma worked for various companies in areas of heavy armament manufacturing, machining, dairy manufacturing, fabrication and welding, and education.