Dr Thabo Falayi

Name : Dr Thabo Falayi

Email : Mail@must.acc

Position : Head of Engineering Department

Dr Thabo Falayi the Head of Engineering and a Senior Lecturer in the Engineering Department under the Malawi Institute of Technology. The Engineering Department has five sections which are Biomedical, Chemical, Textile, Manufacturing and Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.

Dr Falayi holds a BSc from National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe, M. Tech (Chemical Engineering) and a D.Phil (Civil Engineering Science) from the University of Johannesburg.

He has authored and published over 19 peer reviewed research articles and presented over 17 peer reviewed conference proceedings. His research interests are in solid waste valorisation and solidification together with remedial treatment of waste water using secondary resources.

Dr Falayi has co-supervised 4 master of engineering students and 1 doctoral student. He is also a mentor for human centered design and systems thinking. Dr Falayi has over 10 years industrial experience in pharmaceutical, chemical and ferrochrome industries in Zimbabwe. His current work is on the circular economy use of sugarcane bagasse ash. His research can be found at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Thabo-Falayi