Mr Macdonald Hudge

Name : Mr Macdonald Hudge

Email : Mail@must.acc

Position : Director of Finance and Investments

Mr Hudge was appointed as the Director of Finance and Investment from February 1, 2014. He has a plethora of financial skills which is critical to the management and operation of the financial department having worked in accounting, finance and grants management functions at Commercial Bank of Malawi, Small Enterprise Development Organisation (SEDOM), LWF/Evangelical Lutheran Development Programme, AFDB funded development projects (Ministry of Health and Population and Ministry of Water and Irrigation Development) and University of Malawi (College of Medicine).

Macdonald holds a Masters in Development Finance (2011), Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, RSA; an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (2002), Chartered Institute of Accountants (CIMA) and a Bachelor of Accountancy (1995), University of Malawi.

Macdonald is responsible for the financial and investment management functions of MUST and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Malawi (ICAM) and the Malawi Accountants Board.