Student Affairs


The University has a Dean of Student who has the mandate to promote and oversee the academic and social welfare of students in the University in liaison with other officers of the University, including the Registrar, Wardens, Clinic Personnel and the Chaplain. Details on the Dean of Students can be found in the Students Handbook (Rules and Regulations)

Visit the dean of students page for more information.


The University also allows students of all faiths to practice their own religion as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi. There are a number of religious groups and clubs on campus, most of which conduct their worship services on campus and meet regularly every week on agreed times.

The Office of the Chaplain is the one stop centre for students’ spiritual guidance and counselling for students of all faiths. All students are free to consult the University Chaplain for spiritual advice.


There is also the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) which is the official body established under the University Rules and Regulations outlined in the Students’ Handbook. The SRC is an annually elected body with an executive committee led by a president and is tasked with advancing students’ interests on campus.


The sports area includes sports facilities such as an outdoor track field, basketball court, a volleyball court and a football field. Plans are under way to establish in door courts for games such as netball, volleyball, basketball, lawn tennis and table tennis, and a fitness centre.