Students urged to be responsible

Students urged to be responsible

Vice Chancellor for MUST, Professor Address Malata has urged the university’s students to be more responsible in following guidelines that have been put in place to guard against transmission of Covid-19 on campus.

Professor Malata said this when she addressed the students on Monday, the first day of their classes after the university’s reopening over the weekend.

The university has developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) that will guide the behavior and activities of both staff and students on campus but they need religious adherence for them to work.

“Much as we have reopened the university, the threat of Covid-19 remains with us. That is why only students in third, fourth and fifth years of study have come because we are trying to avoid congestion. If you become careless, know that you will be putting your life and those of the rest of us at risk,” she said.

This is very serious because one Covid-19 case on campus may lead to closure of the university that that is the least you and me want to happen.”

During the meeting, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Jonathan Makuwira also advised the students to accept that there is a new world order and that things will not be the same.

“Covid-19 has changed a lot of things including the way we will be teaching and learning. In our case, much as you are on campus, we will go for blended learning which will be a combination of face to face lessons, projects, laboratory sessions and e-learning,” he said, adding that the current group will be on campus for six weeks.

“After this period, you will go back home to finish your studies through online learning while we invite the first and second year students to also go through this blended learning.”

On his part, the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Saizi Kimu, presented some of the highlight of the SOPs, covering issues of teaching and learning, transportation, catering, sports and recreation, health and safety, managing cases etc.