VC tips first year students

VC tips first year students

Vice Chancellor for MUST, Professor Address Malata, on June 13, 2022 met first year students to give them tips on how to survive on campus.

The new students arrived on campus on June 5, 2022 and spent the first week undergoing orientation.

 In her speech, Professor Malata advised the students to remain focused, commitment and ensure that they work hard in class so that they leave the institution with an academic paper.

“You have come alone and so too you will go. As such, do not allow someone you have just met here to start influencing your decision making. If you flout our rules and regulations, you shall face disciplinary measures, and in more serious cases, we can even expel you,” she said.

She said first year has proved to be the most challenging year academically, hence the need for the new students to start working hard from the onset of their studies.

“It is painful to have parents in my office pleading for their withdrawn students. It is not a good sight, so please, I do not want this to happen again,” she said, adding that fearing God was critical in a student’s life.

“And for you girls, make sure you do not become anybody’s wife on campus. You should not spend your time supporting a boy. When you are withdrawn due to academic failure or you go home due to pregnancy, your boyfriend’s academic life is not disturbed. You are too young to be talking about marriages. Finish your education and you will have the luxury of choosing a man to marry,” she advised.

Continuing students are expected on campus on June 19, 2022 and classes will commence on June 20.

Meanwhile, the university has announced plans to hold its third congregation on June 29 with rehearsals to be heard on June 27. About 450 students are expected to graduate with bachelors and masters degrees.

The Chancellor of MUST, His Excellency the Republican President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, has delegated Professor Malata to preside over the third congregation.