Dr Marion Chirwa Kajombo

Head Of Department



I am a Sociolinguist who has worked as a lecturer since 2002 in both public and private sectors in the academics as well as in the social development sector in the following areas: Linguistics, education, translation and gender equality. My passion for language use in society (Sociolinguistics), communication and language training are the driving forces behind my work and research interests, which have mostly concentrated on the sociolinguistic study of Chichewa as a language of communication in Malawi.
My key interests include: language use in medicine especially women's health (falling within the developing field of medical and health humanities); Intercultural Communication; Training; Interactional Sociolinguistics; Situated Discourse Analysis; Curriculum Design and; English-Chichewa Translations. Further, I am interested in research and learning opportunities in the hospital and Malawian communities where the skills I have gained in the subject areas mentioned above add value to the understanding, development and the execution of effective communication.

As a sociolinguist, my approach the study of language is based on the fact that language dynamics and variations are systematic.

1. Kajombo, M.C.  “Sociolinguistic functions of English and Chichewa in gynaecological consultations in a Chichewa speaking hospital setting in Malawi” in Falade, B. And Murire, M. (2021) Health Communication and Disease. Palgrave, Macmillan.

2. Buku Lophunzitsira Amayi Omwe Akufuna Kuyima Pazisankho za Uphungu ndi Ukhansala - (The Chichewa Version of) The Training Manual for Women Aspiring for Political Positions as Members of Parliament and Councillors