MUST, LION in working partnership


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James Mphande

Posted on

18th Apr, 2024

The Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) and the Lilongwe Institute of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery (LION) on April 15, 2024 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see the two collaborating on a number of issues.

Signing the MoU in Lilongwe, Executive Dean for the academy of Medcial Sciences (AMS) at MUST, Dr Mwayiwawo Madanitsa said under the agreement, the university will, among other things, be sending its medical imaging students on attachment.

He said LION uses advanced technology for its imaging services and has state of the art equipment, making it an ideal place for students to be exposed to such modern technology in their field.

“Apart from student internships, we are also looking at issues of capacity building where we can have some of the staff from here trained at MUST but also allowing some staff from here to come and deliver lectures to our students. There is also room for joint research and many other areas as we seem to have a number of things in common,” said Dr Madanitsa whose school offers academic programmes in medical microbiology, immunology, and medical imaging (both ultrasound and radiography).

On his part, LION chief executive officer Dr Sven Young said in addition to focusing on medical imaging, there is also an opportunity for the two institutions to look at issues of incorporating technology in case management, and even on infection transmission controls.

“Our wards are always full with some patients lying on the floor. If not handled properly, infections can easily be transmitted among patients. As such, we always want to be on top of things and any technology to help us with that would be very welcome. I know you have students in medial microbiology who can help in this regard,” said Dr Young, who attributed to the high number of cases in the wards to increasing motorcycle accidents.

LION operates under a Trust but is supported by the Government of Malawi. It also offers private wards for patients but the treatment is the same for all patients. 

Before the signing ceremony, MUST staff were taken on a tour of the facility and both parties later made presentations of their services.