Bingu School of Culture and Heritage (BISCH)


Dr Atikonda Mkochi

Executive Dean





The Bingu School of Culture and Heritage (BISCH) is the third school to be operationalised at MUST in 2016. It started with two academic programmes at undergraduate level but it has now grown to five undergraduate programmes and one postgraduate programme. 

It is still growing and currently has three departments of Language and Communication Studies (headed by Dr Marion Chirwa-Kajombo); Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (headed by Dr Ignasio Jimu); African Musicology (With Dr Jimu acting as HoD). Programmes currently offered under BISCH are as follows: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices, BA in African Musicology, BA in Language, Communication and Culture, BA in Cultural Economy and BA in Archives and Records Management.

BISCH also has the Centre for Strategic Studies established jointly with the Malawi Defence Forces. The Centre is currently offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Studies under MDF’s Staff and Command College in Salima.

The Music Department also oversees operations of the MUST Band and MUST Orchestra while the Indigenous Knowledge Department runs a Ceramics Studio, where they produce various ceramic products that are available for sale. 

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