Athletic options encompass a variety of sports such as football, netball, volleyball, darts, pool, and basketball. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to engage in fitness-related activities like bodybuilding and aerobics in the gym. Additionally, there is a chance for students to enjoy board games like chess, draughts, and a popular local game known as bawo.

Vice Chancellor's Trophy

Each and every semester the University organizes a sports tournament known as the Vice Chancellor's Trophy. The tournament is open to all students and staff. The tournament is a great opportunity for students to showcase their sporting talents and to interact with other students and staff. The tournament is held at the University's sports complex which is equipped with a football pitch, basketball court, netball court, and volleyball court. The class/programme which wins the tournament is awarded a trophy and a cash prize.

Sports Trips

More than once per semester, students go to a sport trip to play and interact with other students from other universities either locally or internationally.

Open Air and Social Weekend

At least twice a semester for open air dance and once a semester for social weekend, students are entertained by local and international artists and DJs. The events are held at the University's open air square.