Professor Wilson Mandala

Deputy Vice Chancellor

Professor Wilson Mandala has a PhD in Malaria Immunology, a Masters degree in Molecular Biology
and Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.
He was appointed Professor in Immunology by the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in
February 2017 and in addition, he is the Executive Dean of the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS). His current
research interests are mainly in malaria, non-typhoidal salmonella (NTS) and HIV/AIDS immunology, with skills in flow cytometry, ELISAs and immunohistochemistry.
Professor Mandala has previously worked as a Senior Lecturer at University of Malawi’s College of Medicine, teaching Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry and Immunology.

He is still serving as an honorary Professor at College of Medicine but has previously also served as an honorary lecturer at Liverpool University. Professor Mandala has research links with collaborators at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), University of California (UC) at San Francisco and UC at Davis, Michigan State University, University of Florida (USA) and the Malaria Immunology Group at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust (MLW), Blantyre, Malawi.
Some of his previous research work has looked at malaria in children, the effect of HIV in pregnancy and also on the effect of cotrimoxazole prophylaxis on the development of natural immunity in HIV-uninfected-but-exposed children born from HIV-infected mothers. He is currently working on the effect of malaria infection on
immunity against other infectious diseases and on vaccine efficacy. He is also a coinvestigator in a seven year long NIH funded Malawi ICEMR 2.0 project which is aimed at looking at the immunology of asymptomatic malaria in Malawian children.
So far, he has successfully supervised five PhD and three MSc fellows. In terms of management, Professor Mandala has served as Director of the Research Support Centre at College of Medicine for two years and also served as Associate Director of the MLW. He also served as the Grant Director of Wellcome Trust funded SACORE
and has served as the Malawian Board member on CARTA Board.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor deputises the Vice Chancellor in academic management, overseeing the development, implementation, and review of strategic and academic plans, policies, teaching, and research programmes. According to Section 15 of the MUST Act, the DVC is there to assist the Vice Chancellor in the performance of the VC’s functions.

As such, the Act says the Deputy Vice Chancellor shall have such functions and powers as are assigned to the office by this Act, Statutes, the Council, or as delegated by the Vice Chancellor from time to time.

Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership and Management

a) Provide strategic and innovative leadership and ensure alignment on academic, research, outreach, and innovation initiatives in line with MUST's mandate, mission, vision, niche and culture as a world-class centre of science and technology education, research and entrepreneurship.

b) Spearhead strategic and academic planning, policy formulation, implementation and review to enable the University to continuously improve and respond to the needs of Malawi and beyond.

c) Inculcate an entrepreneurial culture of mobilisation and efficient utilisation of resources at all levels for the financial sustainability of the University.

d) Serve as the custodian of academic standards used by national and international accreditation, certification and regulatory bodies to safeguard excellence in the academic and research programming of the University.

e) Track criteria for continental and global rankings to feed into the University's academic, research and outreach structures to raise the institution's local and international standing.

Research and valorisation

a) Provide strategic direction for advancing research and knowledge transfer to support quality education and stakeholder engagement to maximise socio-economic and environmental impact.

b) Lead the formulation, implementation and consistent review of the University research, consultancies and outreach agendas in line with national and international socio-economic development goals and policy documents.

c) Mentor staff in research and valorisation and guide the research directorate, schools and all academic units to implement robust systems for research collaboration, mentorship and capacity building.

d) Lead the Senior Management Team in promoting a culture of research-informed teaching and learning across the University to enhance students’ experience and graduate quality.

e) Drive the strategic establishment and management of partnerships with key stakeholders and lead the Executive Team in cultivating local and international partnerships for co-creation, cross-fertilisation of ideas and exchanging human and other resources.

f) Lead processes for attracting research revenue and facilitate the development, implementation, monitoring and continuous review of a robust research funding strategy aligned with MUST and national research priorities.

g) Facilitate collaborative research projects that can improve in-country production, processing, and marketing of local products and solutions.

Academic Affairs

a) Provide academic oversight for Schools and other academic and research units and establish and direct the academic agenda of the University to respond to local, regional and global needs.

b) Ensure that internal quality control mechanisms are in place and functioning correctly so that the quality of the university’s programming and graduates' quality are is consistent with local, regional and international standards.

c) Establish systems for the planning, development and regular review of academic and research programmes of the University.

d) Ensure and facilitate adopting and scaling up of alternative teaching and learning avenues (including Open and Distance and e-Learning) to widen access to higher education.

e) Ensure that the University has adequate and necessary facilities for its academic and research programming.

f) Provide the Vice-Chancellor with regular updates on how the MUST academic business is progressing at all levels.

g) Develop, and facilitate the implementation of a strategy for the internationalisation of the University.

People Management

a) Supervise, coach and mentor senior management team members in executing the University's mandate and strategic plans.

b) Conduct performance reviews of Executive Deans, the Librarian and other senior posts.

c) Develop systems and mechanisms to inculcate high standards of academic and professional discipline among staff and students.

d) Serve as the custodian of standards for recruitment and progression of academic and research staff members.

e) Ensure consistent implementation and continuous improvement of the Performance Management System (PMS) and the Workload Allocation and Full-Time Equivalent Policy for academic and research staff members.

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The Deputy Vice Chancellor

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