MUST Students’ Representative Council (MSRC)

MSRC is student association that was established to monitor and enhance students’ welfare at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST). The MSRC acts as a link between the student body and University management and works hand in hand with the office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs to promote students’ welfare on campus. The students’ council subscribes to democratic values and elections are held annually. The current president is Mr. Alexander Kude. The picture below shows the current MSRC executive committee with the Vice Chancelor of MUST (seated row, 3rd from left) and some of MUST management members.


Position Name Contact
President Alexander Kude
General secretary Shadreck Mweso
Vice president Leticia Andrew
Speaker of assembly Andrew Kapombeza

MSRC Objectives

The objectives of the Council shall be:

1. To develop and foster the worthy traditions of the University.
2. To promote and coordinate the social activities of the students.
3. To further the interests and general welfare of the registered students collectively and individually.
4. To promote and defend the rights and interests of all students effectively and efficiently.
5. To facilitate the development and maintenance of a conducive learning and teaching environment in consultation with the University Management and other relevant stakeholders.
6.To promote unity among students and student organizations.

MSRC Membership

1. All students of the University, shall be full members of the Council and may

a. Speak, vote and be voted for at the elections of the Council in line with provisions as stipulated in Chapter VII of MSRC constitution.
b. Enroll as members of any constituent club or society and thereby become subject to the standing orders of that club or society and enjoy the privileges and facilities of such a club or society.
c. Use all Council facilities, which are not specified under the control of any club or society.

2. All members shall be required to pay annual subscription fees, the amount of which shall be determined by the SRC upon approval by the University Council from time to time.