Ndata School of Climate and Earth Sciences (NSCES)


Dr Wilfred Kadewa

Executive Dean





The Ndata School of Climate and Earth Sciences (NSCES) was the second to be opened at MUST in 2015. It started with two undergraduate programmes but it has now grown to seven undergraduate programmes. It also runs four PG programmes. The school has three departments of Earth and Climate Sciences (headed by Dr Isaac Tchuwa), Water Resources Management (headed by Dr Alfred Msadala), and Energy Resources (headed by Dr John Taulo). 

Its current programmes include BSc in Earth Science (Geology); BSc in Disaster Risk Management, BSc in Water Quality and Management; BSc in Sustainable Energy Systems; BSc in Meteorology and Climate Science; BSc in Geo-Information and Earth Observation Science (GIS), and BSc in Petroleum Geo-Science (Oil and Gas). PG programmes include MSc in Disaster Risk Management, MSc in Biodiversity Informatics, MSc in One Health and PhD in One Health.

The School also runs the Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Research (CCCDRMR). It acts as a link in terms of research, technology and innovation in climate and earth sciences. The Centre actively interacts with the public and private sectors, the civil society, other universities and research institutions, inter-governmental organisations and all other relevant stakeholders both locally and globally.

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