MEng in Applied Chemical Engineering

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2 years

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MEng in Applied Chemical Engineering

Program Description

The programme aims at preparing graduates for professional careers in chemical engineering, enabling them to understand, solve, and manage problems in chemical industries, and developing their ability to reason critically, collect, analyze, evaluate and synthesize data in order to facilitate optimization. The programme is intended at addressing a shortfall in human resource needs in Chemical Engineering for industrial development in Malawi and beyond. Graduates from the programme will be capable of solving design and applied chemical engineering problems as well as performing supervisory functions. They will also formulate professional simulation and design tools related to Chemical Engineering and independently and creatively, design, plan and conduct complex chemical engineering projects. Students will spend first year doing taught modules that include Advanced Food Processing, Renewable Energy Engineering, Advanced Research Methods, Project Management, Applied Thermodynamics, Environmental Engineering, Advanced Chemical Engineering Plant Design, Advanced Process Optimization, Series of lectures/ seminars, Advanced Design and Computational Method, Waste Water Handling and Research Project I. Second year is for dissertation writing.

Structure of the program


Self Sponsored
5,000 US Dollars per year