MSc in Innovation

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2 years

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MSc in Innovation

Program Description

Many specialists have predicted that innovation will be the main paradigm shifter in the quest to keep the world competitive. The creators of innovations must tune up their training in order to meet the global needs and challenges. The two year MSc in Innovation programme is offered over four semesters on two-week block release during which period students will periodically come on campus for face to face tuition followed by a period of attending to assignments at home. Modules to be covered in first year include Research and Development, Strategic Management, Commercial Law, Project Management, Innovation and Ethics, Advanced Mathematical Modelling, Technology Management, Product Design and Development, Technology Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship, and Research Skills. In second year, students undertake a research project mainly focusing on product development and submit a dissertation. Graduates under this programme are general fitters in as far as innovation is concerned. Almost every sector of the economy requires people that can think outside the box to come up with creative ways of surviving the competition. As such, innovation has become a competitive advantage in any industry be it education, music, science, research, sports etc.

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Self Sponsored
5,000 US Dollars per year