MSc in Mathematical Modelling

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2 years

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MSc in Mathematical Modelling

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Models are becoming an increasingly important tool in many branches of modern society due to advances in science and technology. Mathematical modelling is a cyclical process in which real-life problems are translated into mathematical language, solved within a symbolic system, and the solutions tested back within the reallife system. It is is a specific branch of mathematics that deals with practical methods as they are applied to specific fields. Students should expect to study topics examining how mathematics relates to fields as diverse as finance, insurance, business, and healthy sciences. They may also learn to apply mathematics principles to practical problems by studying and formulating mathematical models that answer questions relating to economics, health, ecology and computer sciences Some of the modules studied in this programme include: Non-life Insurance Mathematics and Modelling, Mathematical Epidemiology: Deterministic Models, Probability & Statistical Theory, Mathematical Computing, Dynamical Systems, Computer programming, Statistical computing, Stochastic Differential Equations with Applications, Life Insurance Mathematics and Modelling, Financial Mathematics and Modelling, Fluid Dynamics and Modelling, Innovation/ Entrepreneurship, Advanced Research Methods, and Research in any one of the following areas Mathematical e p i d e m i o l o g y , Stochastic modelling, Ecological mathematics, Insurance mathematics, Financial mathematics, Fluid dynamics, and Numerical analysis. Second year is for dissertation writing.

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Self Sponsored
5,000 US Dollars per year